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This page will give you one-click access to see samples of different aspects of web page layout and design.

This is a sample of a basic web page with limited graphics, also known as the "Classical Style".

Click on any of the highlighted descriptions to see an example of that style, or just for ideas.

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Classic Style

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Custom graphics can be created for you by a graphic artist that specializes in Web Art. Your own existing art or logo can be inserted into a graphic or used as a background image.

Other considerations relative to art and graphics is Copyright. You do not want to jeopardize your web page and your pocketbook by having someone else's copyrighted materials on your page. Keep this in mind if you are planning to provide the image to be scanned or the electronic version on a disk.

Here are some pages done by Heartalnd Electronic Services that are currently on the web and that can be seen immediately:

Keep in mind that graphics are a critical point in the time it takes to have a viewer enjoy your page. It is easier now with the software available today to create a magnificient, eye-catching graphic that is the 1,000 words you wanted it to be. If it takes so long to download by the viewer that they become bored, it isn't worth even 1 word because the viewer will click off to another location.
With this in mind, we offer the service of Gif Wizard. Gif Wizard will reduce the size of the graphic so it takes less time for the viewer to download. It is free for non-commercial users. Commercial users can get a free trial of the service.

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